John McPherson

About John McPherson

John Wesley McPherson, Jr, CFA

Business education and experience from the best in the world.

  • BS in Accountancy with Honors from University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana (ranked #1 in the country).
  • BA in Economics from University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana.
  • Master’s of International Management from Thunderbird Graduate School of International Management with Honors (#1 ranked international business program in the US).
  • Chartered Financial Analyst designation (the Financial Industry’s highest designation, including extensive ethics training).

John listens to your goals, advises you along the way, and negotiates on your behalf to help you achieve your goals.  If a deal starts to fall apart, it is in John’s ability to think through creative deal solutions which separates him from other brokers. Decades of business, negotiation, and financial experience has prepared him.  We have not met another real estate broker out there that can compare to his skills.  John worked for 15 years in energy commodities.  He structured complex transactions, valued, acquired, managed, and sold complex industrial leases.  He also bought and sold complex financial and physical contracts.  His experience in valuing assets reaches far beyond residential real estate.  He has valued, among other things, apartment complexes, commercial office buildings, parking structures, natural gas storage facilities, natural gas pipelines, floating home moorages, and marinas.

John is not a “yes” man who is only concerned about closing and getting paid as some real estate brokers are.  He takes his background in financial structuring and ethics very seriously.  Sometimes, he will advise you NOT to go forward with a deal if it looks as if your risk is too high.