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Search for homes for sale in Beaverton on this page.  Call us anytime about any property.  (503)858-7643.

Homes For Sale in Beaverton

Homes For Sale in BeavertonHomes for sale in Beaverton include a variety of houses and condos.  From older neighborhoods with craftsman style houses to newer condominiums near the MAX line, there is a range to choose from.  Prices range from approximately $200,000 to over $1,000,000.  There is plenty of shopping, restaurants, gyms, walking and biking trails, and other activities in the area that make Beaverton a great place to live.  Call us anytime about any property at (503)858-7643.


How to Handle Bidding Wars – Homes for Sale in Beaverton

When trying to buy one of the homes for sale in Beaverton, or in any fast-paced market, negotiation techniques, and the ability to act quickly matter.  Choose our team to guide you though the process.  A combination of knowledge of the local area, responsiveness, extensive negotiating experience, and a team of agents who are a part of the largest brokerage in the Pacific Northwest combine to allow you to get in to see houses rapidly.  That improves your odds of success.  Also, we do not ever try to “sell” you on anything.  We work for you, advise you, and apply negotiating techniques  to your benefit that improve your chances of winning.  John has an extensive background in negotiations, having haggled, bought, and sold daily through commodities brokers for nearly 20 years, in addition to a broad real estate background.  Hire us to get the job done for you.

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